How to get the most out of your Sleep Food experience

Sleep Food is designed to form part of a healthy bedtime routine and diet. 

If you’re drinking espresso martinis and watching TV until late, you won’t get the most out of our formula. 

Here’s how to maximise the effect of your Sleep Food.

hours before sleep

Make sure you get lots of natural light and exercise if you can – even a walk will make a difference

hours before sleep

Cut out the caffeine. If you’re planning on turning out the light at 11pm, don’t drink caffeinated drinks into the afternoon  

hours before sleep

Eat a balanced and filling meal – lack of the most common vitamins is a big cause of insomnia. Cool down your bedroom to around 2-4 degrees Celsius below what it was in the day

hours before sleep

Turn down the lights at home, and switch your phone to its night brightness setting, if you can. Make sure you’ve had some water to make sure you’re hydrated for bed

hour before sleep

Take one dose of Sleep Food and put your phone away – if you like to read or write before bed, try making a list of priorities for the next day on paper, or try a physical book

minutes before sleep

Finish your bedtime bathroom routine and then try a Non-Sleep Deep Rest practice like this to relax your mind. Try to keep ambient noise and light to a minimum

Sleep well, and let us know how you get on!