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Sleep Food®

Sleep Food®

The perfect bedtime supplement for a better tomorrow

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  • No need to refrigerate. Keep next to your bed​
  • Smooth berry flavour tastes great​
  • Our ingredients support sleep, without being habit forming​
  • Our Sleep Club newsletter brings you the latest research, tips and hints​​
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Our specially formulated liquid shot is ready-to-drink, so enjoying its benefits is as simple as taking off the cap and drinking. Active ingredients: tri-magnesium citrate, lemon balm extract, L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, Valerian Root Extract.

1. Remove Cap

2. Drink

3. Sleep

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  • "Refreshed"

    I wake up feeling refreshed now - life-changing.

    - - Amy
  • "Not restless anymore"

    I used to sleep so restlessly and wake up feeling exhausted - Sleep Food cured that.

    - - Scott
  • "Sleep hack"

    I've finally found a sleep hack that works for me - my Garmin is loving my sleep now!

    - - Arun